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Use our free and powerful design tools to create your own shoes

Download the mockup template from the product details page, put your design on the template, then upload it to the design tool, you’ll get a highly realistic picture of the product.

You can sell the generated products on every ecommerce site or just create the shoes for yourself.

Why print on demand shoes makes more profit for your online business?

Technology, software, and business innovation are enabling the print-on-demand industry to expand from second-rate t-shirts, mugs, and print on demand shoes to quality manufacturing-as-a-service solutions.

A unique, and appealing piece. With Print on demand business model, you get the luxury to set a theme to your products aligned with your concept. This way your products can stand out from others.

Now, you can design a pair for yourself or start a footwear line on your eCommerce store with a range of unique custom shoes, you may be selling some T-shirt products in your store, but shoes may help you to make more money, clothing sales have an average conversion rate of 3.6%, and shoes have an average conversion rate of 4.5%, more impressive is that the revenue per sale will be much higher.

The best shoe styles to sell on your store or just for you


High tops

Low tops


Low cut canvas shoes




The images above show you what a computer simulation of a shoe looks like, it looks very much like the real product, right ? don’t be shocked, this is a composite effect of our shoe designer and generator, beautiful graphics will greatly improve your conversion rate, all you need to do is upload your design, you’ll see your work in real time. Start a successful online business by selling custom shoes online with the help of Printy6.

Can you just make your own shoes for yourself with Printy6 ?

Absolutely. You can get discount for your bulk orders,  if you‘re wondering how long does it take to make custom shoes for yourself ? It depends on the order volume of production line, but on average, it’s 3.5 days. 

Where to Sell Your Shoes in Your Area

In practice, you can sell your product anywhere you want, including uploading it to your personal blog. This may require you to do some extra work in addition to selling, but it’s much easier if you use Printy6’s integrated sales platform to sell your customized shoes, we have integrated some of the major sales platforms and continue to add more.

1. Facebook Marketplace

In addition to being a very popular social media platform, Facebook has been expanding its capabilities to include a virtual marketplace. It’s similar to Craigslist — you simply post your items online and connect with local buyers. If you are already a Facebook user, then just go to your newsfeed. You should find a link to the Marketplace in the left-hand column.

2. Shopify

If you are building an online store, Shopify and Etsy are two of the biggest brands that you’ll encounter. Shopify is a very easy to use platform, user-friendly interface and helpful support services, you can find Printy6 on the Shopify app store,  You can read more about sell shoes on Shopify here.

3. Etsy

If you consider yourself a shoe enthusiast with an eye for design, then you could potentially make some fast money selling your own shoe designs online. You don’t have to be a pro or an experienced artist; all you need is motivation and have a desire to learn, Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy handmade or vintage items, including shoes, clothing, and accessories. This site specifically caters to people looking for unique or different clothing items rather than popular brands. To sell your designs, you’ll need to set up your storefront, which is a simple and quick process. Then you can start listing items for sale. Make sure you have high-quality pictures and thorough descriptions to entice customers. You can also create coupon codes, sale pricing, and special offers for those who “favorite” your shop. Etsy reaches 45 million buyers globally, which means more exposure for the items you’re trying to sell. There’s a $0.20 listing fee for each item as well as a 5% transaction fee, and a payment processing fee.

Printy6 has integrated with Etsy, this makes it easier for you to sell your print on demand shoes on Etsy, You can read more about sell shoes on Etsy here.

4. Amazon

You may have noticed that there are a large number of sellers selling print on demand shoes on Amazon, Printy6 provides an interface to connect to the Amazon seller account, making it easy to publish products and fulfill orders, if you’re an Amazon seller, Printy6 can help you dramatically reduce your operating costs and purchasing expenses.


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